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Peri's 3 Step Daily Routine

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Three steps to a radiant skin

Our 3 Step Daily Routine will leave your skin feeling fresh and balanced. All it takes is a thorough yet gentle cleanser (we swear by Double Cleansing) and a skin-nourishing moisturizer with botanically active ingredients that are tailored to your skin's needs. Below we present you our uncomplicated and efficient skincare routine - your skin will thank you ;-)



Step 1: Oil based cleansing with Peri Beauty's oleogel* «more than makeup remover»

Makeup and sunscreen are mostly oil based and oil attracts oil. That is, the oleogel combines with the oil on your skin and frees it from it. This effectively removes dirt and excess sebum. More than a makeup remover is applied to dry face and massaged in thoroughly. The massage effect here enhances the effect of facial cleansing and penetration of active ingredients. The gel-to-milk formulation of the oleogel* is specially designed to allow easy washing off of the cleansing oil. You don't need cotton pads or wipes to remove makeup. Even mascara and eye makeup can be gently removed without drying out the skin.

On the contrary - More than a makeup remover lives up to its name as it simultaneously moisturizes the skin, protects the skin barrier and provides it with antioxidants, which helps to strengthen the skin barrier. More than a makeup remover is the ideal first step in your evening skincare routine, which prepares your skin for the 2nd step of the Double Cleansing Routine**. This first step is only necessary in the evening, as your skin is less exposed to the environment at night.

By the way - if you feel that your skin is dehydrated, i.e. if it is tight and white flakes form, you can also leave more than a makeup remover on as a moisturizing mask (approx. 30min) and then wash it off. Repeat several days in a row until your skin has regained its elasticity.

Are you a convinced fan of Face Yoga***?

Our more than makeup remover lets your fingers glide easily over the face and enhances the massage effect.

Step 2: Water based cleansing with Peri Beauty's «botanical gel cleanser»

After the coarse dirt and excess sebum have been removed, the botanical gel cleanser is now used, which cleanses the skin deep into the pores.

It is applied to damp skin, massaged in thoroughly and then washed off.

Our botanical gel cleanser has mild surfactants whose cleansing power is supported by the pore-refining properties of plant hydrosols. The pH neutral formulation ensures that the skin barrier remains protected and does not dry out. This eliminates the need for subsequent application of a toner, which serves precisely the pH-balancing purpose.

Step 3: efficient moisturizing care with one of the two Peri Beauty «natural moisturizers»

Evening application of the appropriate moisturizer helps the skin to regenerate, build up its moisture storage and strengthen the barrier function.

Simply apply to cleansed and dried face, neck and décolleté and gently massage in. Our natural moisturizers offer other specific properties that target the skin's needs. Peri Beauty's natural moisturizer n°1 is specially formulated for normal to dry skin and Peri Beauty's natural moisturizer n°2 specifically addresses the needs of combination to oily skin. You can find more detailed information about their properties on the corresponding product page.

Especially stressed skin often suffers from a damaged skin barrier, which leads to dehydrated skin. Signs of this are taut skin, lack of elasticity and possibly white skin flakes. In this case, natural moisturizer n°1 can be applied as a moisturizing mask in a slightly thicker layer, without being massaged in completely. It can thus be absorbed slowly throughout the night and effectively build up the skin's moisture content.


Step 1: Water based cleansing with Peri Beauty's «botanical gel cleanser»

Overnight, the skin was able to recover and was less exposed to harmful environmental influences. Therefore, oil-based cleansing can be omitted in the morning. The use of the botanical gel cleanser prepares your skin for the efficient effect of the moisturizer and, thanks to its fresh citrus aroma, gives an extra kick of freshness that can't hurt in the morning.

Step 2: efficient moisturizing care with one of the two Peri Beauty «natural moisturizers»

The right moisturizer in the morning protects your skin from external environmental influences, gives it elasticity and specifically addresses your skin's needs. Our natural moisturizers are designed to provide optimal care for the skin in the morning as well as in the evening.

Step 3: the right sunscreen

If you don't sit in your home office all day long, we recommend that you apply a suitable sunscreen to protect your skin from UV radiation and prevent premature aging. We also recommend that you read through the ingredients of sun care and pay attention to what sunscreen filters are used.


Convinced? Try our 3 Step Daily Routine and get 20% off when you buy all three products with the Promo Code: 3STEPS (offer valid until 31.10.2022, while stocks last)

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:



*Oleogel: an oil-based gel that, on contact with water, turns into a milky solution that can be easily washed off.

**Double Cleansing – In K-Beauty (Korea) and J-Beauty (Japan) double cleansing has become indispensable. In recent years, it has also gained popularity in more western regions and we think - rightly so. Even though we don't think much of a 10 -12 step skincare routine - double cleansing has convinced us and we recommend it to anyone who struggles with impurities and tends to have oily skin with clogged pores.

***Face-Yoga: Massage exercises that help to improve blood flow of the skin and release tense muscles to smooth wrinkles.

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