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Peri stands for the middle name of the founder Janin Peri Tiftik. It comes from a Turkish-Persian origin and has a deeper meaning: Peri describes something magical, beautiful, graceful, supernatural — fairy-like. Our products are also rooted in this: They are created to help achieve beautiful, healthy looking skin with natural ingredients. At the same time, we attach great importance to sustainability. 


"When I was suffering from severe hormonal acne during my pregnancy, I was looking for gentle ingredients that would help me create a more even skin. I started studying the ingredients in the products I used and found that I had absolutely no idea what I was actually putting on my skin. My passion and enthusiasm for the healing properties of plants grew and I started dreaming of my own natural skincare brand - a brand that reflects a respectful relationship with nature and goes hand in hand with my Turkish-German heritage. A brand that communicates transparently about ingredients and production and focuses on essential products of an effective skincare routine. I plucked up courage, studied Organic Skincare Formulation at Formula Botanica and made my dream come true. With Peri, I want to create a brand that I stand behind as a person and that our customers can trust."

Portrait der Gründerin Janin sitzend in einem Mandarinen Baum


take care of the skin you're in


It is dear to our heart to share our knowledge of the effects of natural ingredients. We use mainly natural ingredients from organic farming. All the plant oils are cold-pressed in order to benefit in the best possible way from their active ingredients. The only "non-natural" ingredient we use is an ECOCERT approved preservative for our water-based products to prevent germ formation and ensure their safety. 


All products are manufactured by us. This shortens the transport distances within our value chain, and we can ensure that all ingredients and production methods meet our standards. It is important to us to openly communicate where our products come from and how they are produced. On our product pages, the effects of all ingredients are explained to provide a better understanding of the ingredients.


Sustainability plays a superior role for us in all steps of the value chain. We pay attention to energy-saving production, resource-saving orders from our suppliers, and we also try to make the packaging as sustainable as possible. That's why we encourage our customers to return their empty Peri Beauty glass containers so they can be given a new life. Our product boxes are made from environmentally friendly, regional silphie paper.

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Quality ingredients deserve quality packaging. We use airless bottles for most of our products. These have a pump that creates a vacuum and thus offers additional preservation of the product. In addition, thanks to the vacuum created, there are hardly any residues in the bottle. All returned glass packaging is reused to extend its product life cycle. We are also very proud of our cardboard packaging. Our folding boxes are made from compostable Silphie paper, which we source from a startup in southern Germany, Die Grasdruckerei. The use of natural fibers from the silphie plant reduces the consumption of cellulose, which leads to deforestation worldwide and thus to an increase in greenhouse gases. The rapidly renewable raw material is grown locally. This ensures short transport routes and thus reduced CO2 emissions. In addition, the production takes place completely without chemicals.

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We are happy about every returned empty bottle or glass. These are checked, sorted, sterilized and refilled by us. In this way, each of our customers can help to reduce waste. You can find all the addresses of our partners in our store finder. Each of our dealers takes back empty peri bottles and glasses. You can also send them directly to us, Peri Tiftik Naturkosmetik (service available in Switzerland only).

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